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  • My life's work is dedicated to the crafting and playing of the didjeridu. These pursuits have taken me around the world and helped forge strong ties to the didjeridu community. I hope this site can provide a glimpse of what my work, music, and experiences are all about. If you have any questions regarding purchases, playing, or other didj matters, feel free to contact me. Thanks for your visit.

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    Every didjeridu I make is hand crafted from carefully selected materials. I mainly craft my didjeridus from agave, bamboo, or hardwoods. Click on any of the different styles to learn more about my process and see what I have available for sale.

  • Corridor     2011     51 Minutes     $15.00
    CD price includes domestic shipping
    corridor album cover
    1. Cabazon (Kerala outro)
    2. Olives song (Mycorrhiza intro)
    3. Lakota
    4. captain @#*% around
    5. Giddyup
    6. Corridor
    7. Frozen smoke
    8. Hot coal hustle
    9. Exorcisto
    10. Sleep is wrong
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    This album showcases a variety of styles and approaches using the didgeridoo. 5 of the songs on this album were recorded with Shireen Amini who showcases her percussive talents playing the cajon drum. The recording sessions with Shireen resulted in some tight, very well composed, ground breaking Cajon and Didgeridoo songs. This album also showcases solo didgeridoo pieces, ambient samples collected along my travels through India and South America, and spoken word by my grandmother, Olive Rossman.
    Beetle Cleaned Skulls Vol. 1     2009     47 Minutes    $15.00
    CD price includes domestic shipping
    beetle cleaned skulls album cover
    1. Wholesome
    2. Moment
    3. Chute tripvu
    4. Idylwyld
    5. Luddite
    6. Montage
    7. Lithic
    8. Avatar hawk
    9. Station
    10. Lavender dream
    This album represents some of my solo and collaborative recordings from 2003-2005. After my trip to australia in 2004, I came home feeling very inspired with my didgeridoo playing, many of the songs on this album reflect this. Tracks 3 (Chute tripvu) and 4 (Idylwyld) were used as part of the sound track on the 2006 documentary film "Colors of a creative culture" by respected filmmaker David Zucker. Expect this album to portray a mix of ambient, soulful pieces and high energy, percussive rhythms.
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  • tyler sound checking at McDonald Theater Playing and making Didjeridu is what I do. It's a necessary creative and spiritual outlet for me. When I was 15 years old, I found a sound I'd never heard before, but I somehow new it mattered. Through the serendipity of teenage boredom and a discarded metal tube in my parents basement, sea change occurred. I shared the discovery with my Dad and I first learned of the Didjeridu. Information and resources were scarce (a time that predated internet popularity). I then embarked on a solo quest of exploration and self-discovery. Over the last 18 years, I've enjoyed the experiences of making Didjeridu, performing solo, busking, playing in bands and exploring a variety of musical genres. I've been privileged to have traveled the world and met some amazing friends, elders, musicians, teachers (not the least of which, Djalu Gurruwiwi) and students who have inspired me in many ways. I'm very thankful for this. The music, photos and Didjeridu I've crafted on this site is the accumulation my experiences. I'm constantly making new Didjeridu and play religiously. I've experimented with many different materials and approaches to crafting this instrument and have narrowed it down to what I feel is the best possible Didjeridu to for people to play, no matter what skill level you're at. Please feel free to peruse my site and if you have any questions about the Didjeridu or the music I'm offering for sale, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for your time. Enjoy!

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  • Through the recommendation of a wonderful player here in Durango I purchased a didgeridoo from Tyler Spencer some 4 months ago. I started playing the didge about 10 years ago but had not made much progress. When I received the didge from Tyler I was greatly impressed with the quality of craftsmanship and playability. Being a woodworker myself, I could see that great care and skill was involved in its production. The didge arrived expertly packaged and on time. This didge was easy to play, and after a few weeks of practice I have been able to use circular breathing. The tonality is superb. I highly recommend one of Tyler's digeridoos!

    Durango, Co.

    I just put the Big Bamboo back in its nice sleeping bag after introducing myself to it for about 2 and a half hours. Friggin AMAZING instrument!!! All of the notes, modulations and changes that I have been trying to do on the other two didges I have (one, a very pretty huge heavy Euc didge from a shop in Austrailia-which no one else can play and took me one month and a half to make circular breathing on, and the one I made with a 1 inch PVC and some bees wax) are so easy on my new didge which is not only beautiful outside, but 'inside' where the soul and sounds come from. Just amazing work man. Thank you sooooo much! All the Best,

    Greifensee, Switzerland

    I recently ordered an agave didge with a beautiful big bell from Tyler, and have been very pleased with the instrument as well with the ordering process. Tyler promptly responded to questions I had about the didge and then once I ordered it, I was surprised with how quickly it arrived in the mail. Tyler packed it very securely in a custom built shipping box and the didge arrived in perfect condition. The sound is rich and resonant and the didge plays just as was written in the description, in terms of back pressure, trumpet notes, etc. I am very happy with it and am grateful to Tyler for his impressive craftsmanship and obvious care. Thank you!

    Davis, Ca.

    A few years ago, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Tyler's black bamboo didge during one of the jamming sessions. All I can say it was love from the moment I played that baby. Because it is very light and has a nice smooth surface its easy and pleasant to hold. The mouth piece is a perfect size, not slippery, and tends to look and smell clean even after numerous uses. Since then I purchased three black bamboo didges. Given the fact that they are great for performers and amateurs alike, their price was very modest in my opinion. Might as well mention, that the whole purchasing and shipping process was very easy and fast. Thank you Tyler!

    Brooklyn, N.Y.

    I received the Didges and they are beyond my expectations. I have no words for the beauty, the sound, the feeling, of these healing instruments. Wow. Thank you so very much. I will recommend and endorse your craftmanship as much as I can.I did an empowering and intention ceremony with them, then right after I had a client. I hadn't even played them prior to the first session. What an amazing session. I thank you and the client thanks you. I have also intended that the loving, healing, grateful energy that each and every person that is healed and empowered from these Didges ripples out and comes back to you multiplied.I was even impressed by the quality and workmanship of the crate for the A Didge. Thank you for the 2 CDs. I am listening to you play right now. Brilliant beautiful. I am inspired.

    Saskatoon, Canada

    I got my didgeridoos today.
    So beautiful!
    Beautiful sound!
    Thank you so much.

    Okayama, Japan

    I got the Didge!! Marvelous! Congratulations for your work, it is like I thought in my dream! Here is feedback from a workshop I went to this Weekend. It was in Airvault (where the french Didgeridoo festival is in july) in a little old castle with 3 teachers : Sylvestre is a very good french didg player, Mike Edward the didg player from the group "Axis" and Philip Perris. I went with my new agave and it was played a lot during the 4 days.... There were 40 players and more didgeridoo and some were very nice, but this one was one of the most played and appreciated! During the workshop with Mike Edward, everybody was playing together and Mike was hearing each person... When he arrived in front of my didg he said : "what a beautifull sound !". It was so great!:) Thank you!

    Paris, France

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  • Creating A Buzz: Didjeridoo Culture in Oregon

    Eugene Daily News article about my didjeridus, music, and travels

  • Colors of a Creative Culture

    Colors of a Creative Culture I had the honor of working with film maker David Zucker and having my music used on one of his documentary's: Colors of a Creative Culture: Just as FOUND SOUNDS BAHIA showed how artists have long used the resources of their environment to create music, COLORS OF CREATIVE CULTURE, shows how the visual artists in the city of Salvador, Brazil also take what they have and turn it into a cultural mosaic on the city streets. This “street interference art” brings together the same energy and inspiration of Lactomia’s found object music by bringing paint to the people. Trained artists, teachers, community leaders, children, even the parish priest, join together to create large-scale murals on the walls of their neighborhoods. The film offers a rare insight into how bringing art to the streets includes an entire community.

    Directed by: David Zucker
    Documentary Running Time: 24 minutes
    Rare art and interviews: 94 minutes

    Price: $20.00
    (Includes domestic shipping)